2:16 p.m.
maybe we *can* have nice things...

I've never been one to make new year's resolutions. Normally I just make up one on the spot when someone asks me if I have one. It's easier than putting up with a razzing for not making one because he/she is *that* kind of person.
It seems this year, however, that I'm following through on the typical resolutions that everyone makes. I bought a stair stepper for cheap at GNC right before xmas and started doing it once I finally had time and haven't stopped yet. I have a week of vacation lined up that starts wednesday and i have a huge list of things to do.
I think its because we really need to finally get wedding things in order and i don't think I can do that without organizing my house and getting other things out of the way. Also, yay for gaining a belt hole!

Another thing that I'm excited about is my new hair accessory. I read this blog called notmartha and the other day she wrote a review on the bandette comb and how well it stayed in her fine hair all day. Since I've been trying every odd thing to try to keep my hair undamaged as I grow it out, I was pretty interested in trying it. I even went to the mall on friday before work (side story: ran into two of my coworkers and had bubble tea, win!) and found out they were buy one, get one half off at icing. I bought one in black and one in faux tortoiseshell. They are so friggen awesome! It kind of gives you the palin look if you don't do it right but it's so much better than having to crank my hair into a ponytail that falls out. I'm hoping that with the hair treatment i'm using, the vitamins i'm taking, and this new way of putting my hair up that i'll be set in the hair department.

now i'm gonna go clean the snow off of my car before too much turns to ice and probably work on a squid hat for my coworker.